Excursions from Marrakech (1 day)

1 day Excursion to Essaouira

Departure at 8 am. After about 3 hours, we reach the ancient port of Mogador, built by the Portuguese in a narrow peninsula with a huge sand crescent. Perfectly sheltered by stunning French-built walls of the eighteenth century, the city is largely pedestrian and is divided into various districts for design in grid form. From the top of Skala you can see the colorful fishing port and Spanish fortresses and guns.

Essaouira is also famous for its fine handicrafts, especially wooden objects (tuya) perfectly interspersed with lemon wood, ebony, nacre or copper or silver threads. If you like fish, enjoy a meal in the port. Evening return to Marrakech.

1 day Excursion to Ourika Valley

Visit the lush Ourika valley and many small little towns along the valley. We continue to Setti Fatma where you can enjoy delicious local cuisine and a short walk along the waterfalls. Back in the afternoon to Marrakech.

1 day Excursion to Ouzoud Falls

Departure at 8 am at the most famous waterfalls of Morocco, Ouzoud waterfalls, located near a village with the same name. His impressive 100 meters high are what give strength to the waters of el-Abid. Back to the afternoon to Marrakech.

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