La luna de Merzouga

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La Luna de Merzouga

How to Play Contract Gta 5

If you`re looking to play Contract missions in GTA 5, you`re in for a treat. These missions are thrilling, challenging, and require some strategic planning to complete. Here`s how to get started:

1. Join the game

First things first, you need to launch the game and join the online mode. Once you`re in, go to the pause menu and select the Jobs option. From there, select the Contracts option and choose the mission you want to play.

2. Choose the difficulty level

Once you`ve selected the mission, you`ll be prompted to choose the difficulty level. You can choose between Normal, Hard, or Very Hard. Keep in mind that the higher the difficulty level, the more challenging the mission will be.

3. Assemble your team

If you`re playing with friends, invite them to the mission. If you`re playing alone, the game will automatically match you with other players. Make sure to communicate with your team to strategize and coordinate your moves.

4. Complete the objectives

The objective of a Contract mission is to complete a series of tasks within a set time limit. You might be tasked with stealing a vehicle, eliminating targets, or protecting a package. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and work together with your team to complete the mission.

5. Collect the reward

Once you`ve completed the mission, you`ll receive a reward that varies depending on the difficulty level and the number of objectives you completed. You can use the reward to purchase weapons, vehicles, or other upgrades for your character.

In conclusion, playing Contract missions in GTA 5 is a great way to test your skills and have some fun with friends. By following these simple steps, you`ll be well on your way to completing challenging missions and earning rewards. Happy gaming!

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